Extreme security for extreme values.

OnGuard is the optimal solution for safeguarding your values in mobile storages, such as explosives, weapons, fireworks and tools. OnGuard gathers everything you need for security, reporting, alerting and user management – in one system.


From extreme risks to extreme solutions
Extreme values involve an extreme risk – on several different levels: burglary, terrorism, personnel risk and environmental risk. Therefore, storage of such valuables is subject to strict safety requirements – often from several different actors.
Powered by wireless and battery-driven technology, you now get a reliable and vigilant security guard which hardly needs maintenance. The result is a system that maximizes security and minimizes risk – designed for today and for the future.
Your self-reliant security guard
OnGuard is a sophisticated but user-friendly solution for safeguarding your values. Even with several mobile storages, you can use OnGuard to connect them together in one centrally controlled system. After an easy installation, you can remotely control the system and combine secure access control with flexible user maintenance. OnGuard takes an iron grip on security in these storages, with its fine-tuned sensors – adapted to the environment around them and tailored to the events they are to respond to. High-capacity batteries and minimal power consumption means that OnGuard stays on duty for years without supervision. And connected to OnGuard Solar panel, the solution can be operational almost forever.


Containers for explosives
Containers with explosives usually consist of two or more storage units within a fenced area. By using OnGuard, the wired connections between the containers, used in previous versions, are now history. The locations and alarms can be managed through the OnGuard user portal. The access key – which used to be a physical key – is also a thing of the past. Instead, you get access to an app with unique users and personalization profiles. The solution can also be integrated with an alarm center – all in line with security requirements.
Storages for tools
On construction sites, tools are often stored in containers. By installing OnGuard, you get a log of who is activating or deactivating the alarm in the containers at any time. Your new security guard will also arm the containers after working hours and give an alarm signal if something irregular has taken place, and notify those who need to know.


More than 15 years of experience and customer feedback has given life to the OnGuard Connect communication terminal. It can easily be attached to the inside of a container door and acts as both the heart and mind of your new security solution. The terminal interprets all the signals from the sensors and feeds you reports and alerts via Xepto's cloud solution to the operations portal – and directly to the security center.

Coverage and capacity are critical factors for a self-reliant system. Consequentially, the technology in our terminal has been significantly upgraded, with dual antenna solutions that communicate via NB-IoT/LTE-M and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). As an extra security measure, there is also an internal antenna in the terminal which enables OnGuard Connect to prioritize the antenna providing the best coverage at any given time. If someone sabotages the external antenna, the internal antenna will provide data quickly and reliably if the door is opened.

You can easily connect several units and swap or replace them when there is a need for service. But the solution is designed to last for long periods without the need for maintenance: Extremely power-efficient components and faster communication require significantly less power than the solutions of previous generations. The batteries last several years without charging, and they can be charged independently by using a desktop charger or swapping with fully charged replacement battery packs. Or by connecting the devices to a solar panel, you can extend their lifespan almost indefinitely.

Shockproof casing, IP 67
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Internal antenna & external antenna solution
2 x 92Wh rechargeable batteries with built‑in charger
Recognizes and adapts to attached sensors, support for external BLE sensors
Power efficient
Easy to install and remotely controlled


12V DC Siren Output (max 200mA)
External power supply (8-32VDC Input / Solar panel)


Hall effect sensor
Digital, adjustable magnet sensor which detects door movement.
Tamper sensors
Ensures that the terminal is operational, correctly installed and that the battery lid is on.
GPS sensor
GPS data is retrieved automatically when the door is open, so you can be sure that the container is situated at the specified location.
Sound sensor
Digital and adjustable sound sensor that recognizes attempted burglary at an early stage.
Responds to door movement – via vibrations – which becomes an extra safety measure. It also alerts if someone tries to nudge or move the entire container.


OnGuard is very easy to install, and no special tools are required for the assembly.

The head unit Xepto Connect is mounted on the door together with a magnetic sensor in the door frame. The antenna is mounted on the outside of the door leaf where you also mount the solar panel.  


Xepto gives all customers access to a web‑based user portal. The administration interface has all the functions required to supervise the container fleet:

  • Add or remove containers at a location
  • Add or remove users associated with the containers
  • Users are verified with BankID on their smartphones before gaining access to activating and deactivating alarms


Through the OnGuard app, users can remotely control the alarms in the containers, event without mobile coverage. Users can only access the containers associated with them through the user portal. Users can activate alarms via the web portal, but must use the app and be present at the location to deactivate any alarms.


One thing is securing valuable goods, another factor is personnel security. To differentiate, you will specify a unique silent alarm code in the app, for these types of threats. This enables users to notify the security company with a silent alarm if they are exposed to an assault.

Xepto has an agreement on alarm reception with Avarn and Stanley.


  • Stanley Security
  • Avarn Security
  • BNS